PR is the art of showing up in the world and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. It’s a reflection of your brand’s vision, soul, and passions, crafted into messages that move people to inspire action.

PR done right

Great PR is the difference between standing out or being just another voice in the crowd. And it starts with knowing how people perceive your brand and, importantly, how you want it to be perceived. After all, if people don’t get it, they won’t buy it. So you want the right message to be heard by the right people, in the right places and at the right time. That’s PR done right.

That’s what we do at Wild Card.

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Built our brand

PR exposure for Watergate Bay Hotel, and our wider brands, is an instrumental tool in our marketing mix. It has helped build our brand over the years, telling the stories that matter to key audiences while driving bookings at key times. From journalist experiences to discovering new influencers who help us create interesting and exciting content and everything in between – Wild Card know their stuff. And they work brilliantly with our in-house teams and wider agency mix.

Judi Blakeburn – Brand Director, Watergate Bay Hotel

Multi-channel impact

The one-channel approach doesn’t cut it. Your audience is on different channels, so you need to be too. We don’t do blinkered thinking and we don’t do dead ends either. With solid content, inspiring activations, memorable campaigns, and stories that matter, we get your story, positioning and insights right from the outset. So your earned media campaign will work perfectly across all your channels. Why make a noise on a single channel when you can create an impact on them all?

Ready to find your voice?

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The better the story, the better the impact

We’re not just another PR agency. We uncover hidden gems that bring to life your brand story. And we never settle for superficial. We dig deep to reveal narratives that resonate with your audiences and make a lasting impact. Even with the most complex stories, we’re up to the challenge. We keep a critical eye on the news agenda, sharpen perspectives and create context and relevance in today’s ever-changing world. We’re all about the ‘why’. Why your brand, and why now?

We connect the dots and bring your brand to life.

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