We’ve written in the past about why your business should invest in social media, but simply setting up your account is only half the work.  

Optimising your social media can greatly help the success of your brand. Not only does it help with brand authority, by truly nurturing your channels and community it can strengthen the relation with the end-consumer. 

Since COVID-19, consumers have been looking for more ways to connect with their favourite brands. A lack of physical experience has led us consumers using online and social to interact with brands. There are more eyes than ever on brand social channels. 

This is exactly why Social Media community management is so important. If you don’t feed your profile with thumb-stopping content, clever copywriting and authentic engagement with your audience, you’re missing out.

Use your social media accounts for social proof

When your paid social media or PR campaign reaches the desired audience, the number one thing they will do is check out your social media profile to gain a better understanding of you, as a brand. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your profile is authentic and trustworthy – this will build brand trust and affinity. 

Imagine your social media profiles are your shop window. By decorating them well and making them enticing, you are creating an interesting platform that encourages new customers to “buy into” your brand.

Community management allows you to build those connections and showcase what makes you unique. Consumers are digitally savvy and can tell when a brand posts randomly with no strategy and this can do more harm than good. It is better to spend time on working out what you want to achieve rather than posting, for posting sake. 

By planning and carefully curating your content you can strategically strengthen your profiles. 

Communicate with your audience

Your social media needs to be more than just a page. You need to focus on developing the relationships within the community. 

Community management is about maintaining this connection with your followers. Responding to feedback and comments (both positive and negative) is a vital part of this. 

Ensure that you join relevant conversations, actively listen to your customers and adapt your content whilst keeping true to your brand objectives and messaging.

Focus on engagement, not followers

If your follower count doesn’t mimic your engagement, your profile may become lost. You may think that buying followers is improving the authority of your profile but if the likes, comments and shares don’t match then your social media platform will assume your content isn’t valuable and won’t help to increase its reach.

Social media best practice is about creating authentic content that encourages this engagement naturally. By investing in community management you are ensuring your content is valuable to your followers. 

Trust Wild Card to manage your social media community

As we have said before, social media should be a form of instant two-way dialogue with your audience. At Wild Card, we can help you manage your social media community, backed up with industry insight and years of experience in the digital space. 

For more information on how you can nurture your community, or if you just want to have a chat about how you can strengthen your social media, get in touch with us today