Whether you’re a believer or still a little sceptical, influencer marketing has proven itself to be a firm choice for brands as part of their wider marketing mix in the last year. Increasingly, we are seeing clients looking to work with influencers as brand ambassadors, content creators and product promoters.

There is no one size fits all, and no set way of doing things, making it a unique channel that allows brands the freedom to get creative, and integrate it within their wider activity. When done right, it can be a vital contributor to overall growth, influence, sales, awareness and much more for brands. Here are three of my favourite pieces of influencer content from the last year…

Dad V Girls with Starbucks Doubleshot Intenso

Product placement with influencers is one of the areas where it can feel a little inauthentic when the influencer and brand alignment is missing. This partnership with Dad V Girls and Starbucks was everything a piece of product placement content should be. Joel is a hardcore, die-hard Starbucks fan, something his followers know and love him for. Halloween saw him and his daughter re-imagine themselves as a Starbucks barista and coffee, while a tattoo of the brand’s logo is a far more permanent fixture in Joel’s life.

When Joel and Starbucks partnered up to promote their new Doubleshot Intenso, his followers were over the moon for him. The comical content created meant the product was shared with a highly engaged following and received an overwhelmingly positive response as a result of the long-standing influence and brand alignment.

Natalia Homolova with Gin Mare

As the dark nights approached in October last year, Gin Mare wanted to educate consumers that premium spirits weren’t just limited to nights out on the town. Having recently landed a listing in Tesco, they wanted Natalia’s help to show consumers that you can enjoy cocktail menu-style serves from the comfort of your own home.

Natalia invited her friends over for a night in with Gin Mare and created this video content that perfectly captured the occasion. It lands that perfect ‘sweet spot’ between showing her followers what the brand wanted to say while still retaining the style and spirit that her community know and love her for. Anyone for a G&T?

Megan Rose Lane with Little Dish

Megan partnered with fresh children’s food brand, Little Dish to promote their range and in turn created this gorgeous video content with her daughter. It’s the perfect balance of being naturally cute and engaging, while still landing the product and usage messaging needed by the brand.

Megan’s content also featured purchase actions from her Instagram Story, where her audience could redeem a £1 off voucher to use in supermarkets.

Christie Becker, Wild Card