And just like that, it is January again. 

2021 left as quickly as it appeared, and we sure did deliver a lot in that time; from winning a heap of brand spanking new clients through to executing some of our best-ever brand campaigns. 

And, with a new year comes a renewed focus on how we can continue to be at our best for our clients, as well as people and planet, and there are some big considerations us marketers need to be thinking about.  A few here to whet the appetite:

  1. The impact of HFSS – we are all waiting with bated breath to see the true extent of the guidelines. Brands need to think about new and exciting ways they can deliver reach numbers they are used to OR switch the focus towards endorsement as the priority. With arguably a bigger impact potential, endorsement led campaigns really can shift the dial 
  2. The Dominance of TikTok – the social network on everyone’s lips is here to stay and is firmly on all marketers’ agendas. The great news is that is continues to be age agnostic and is supporting a variety of brand sectors – from food and drink through to beauty. The key to success is a change in mindset – this is not your traditional social channel for brand awareness. Authenticity and creativity must sit at the heart if you plan to take on TikTok for 2022
  3. Editorial Influencing SEO – it is no longer a case of separating your SEO plans from your more traditional editorial content plans. It is vital that brands take a no dead ends approach to all campaigns, and this includes thinking about how you can build online endorsement with the right sources to positively impact your SEO performance. 
  4. The Decade of Delivery – COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere soon (yes, I had to reference it!). But neither is the absolute need to think about how your brand is impacting the wider world around us – from local communities through to global impact. As a proud B Corp member, where businesses play a key role as a force for good, we have the knowledge and practical skills to support your brand on the sustainability comms journey

If you would like to discuss any of this, get in touch today