Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy companies use to directly involve consumers in their brand experience. By using experiential marketing to create an event for your business, you are creating a memorable experience for your customers that can help to create connections between your customers and your brand.

At Wild Card, we believe that experiential event planning can create a fantastic campaign that can make your brand unforgettable. We have compiled a list of the top five experiential events of 2022 so far, to give you an idea of successful experiential marketing campaigns.

Our Top 5 Experiential Events of 2022 so far:

Holidays are coming with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

This example may be a little early, but Coca-Cola’s yearly Christmas truck that delivers festive cans of cola around the UK is an excellent example of experiential event planning that excites consumers year after year.

The yearly Coca-Cola Christmas truck is tracked around the country, and visited by customers all over, enhancing brand awareness with a fun campaign (and free drinks!).

Heineken’s Greener Bar at Electric Picnic

Heineken unveiled their Greener Bar for their ‘Brew a Better World’ campaign at Electric Picnic. The bar aims to reduce waste and energy use, whilst providing a new customer experience at Ireland’s largest music and arts festival.

Including a new bar experience at the big Picnic style event attracts attention and enhances engagement with the brand, whilst also working as a temporary bar enhancing sales, a win-win!

The Bridgerton Experience takes you back to Regency Era London

Ever since the release of Bridgerton on Netflix in 2020, the Regency Era has been popular amongst its fans. From 2021 to 2022 you could experience the magic of a Regency Era Ball in theatrical pop-up events in multiple cities that worked to promote the second season. A popular event for influencers across all social channels, what better way is there to advertise a Netflix show than with a Netflix-level party?

Bridgerton already has plenty of attention in mainstream media, but the immersive event attracts fans, raises funds, and gets them talked about on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, encouraging more engagement across the board.

The Bridgerton Experience

Virgin Media unveils 4D lips at London Kings Cross

Giant 4D lips could be spotted at London Kings Cross in August 2022. The lips were completely interactive, and voiced by MC Neat for the immersive experience. Created to advertise Virgin Media’s new entertainment service ‘Stream’, the disruptive campaign aimed to grab the attention of London’s commuters as MC Neat interacted with them from behind the billboard using lip-sync technology.

As an eye-catching pop-up, Virgin Media’s big lips attracted commuter attention, as well as news outlets, enhancing awareness for the brand and the service they were advertising.

Virgin Media 4D lips at London Kings Cross

A Bagel Block Party with The New York Bakery Co.

In May 2022 The New York Bakery Co. delivered a free breakfast block party in East London. Creating a miniature village designed to look like a New York block party, with hopscotch, basketball hoops, and of course, bagels. With the help of Wild Card, The New York Bakery Co. created an interactive block party that offered a range of activities and entertainment as well as many different bagels to taste, creating a memorable New York experience in East London. 

A unique event, the Bagel Block Party offered free block party activities as well as bagel tastings that attracted customers, and encouraged engagement with the brand.

A Bagel Block Party with The New York Bakery Co.

Are you looking to provide experiential events for your business?

Experiential events are fantastic if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and create memorable experiences for existing and potential customers.

If you’re looking to run an experiential marketing campaign, Wild Card can provide expert experiential event planning and marketing to really help your brand get cut through…

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