Influencers have never been more important to the PR spectrum.

What is influencer advertising?

Influencer advertising refers to the partnership between a brand and a social media influencer (i.e. an online social profile that has a significant following and effectively ‘influences’ current trends). This partnership involves a given brand offering its goods or services to the influencer in exchange for them posting about it to generate a buzz among their followers.

6 years ago, Wild Card made huge changes to diversify our PR offering with a renewed focus on influencer marketing, bringing in specialists to move the dial. Since then, our work with Influencers, both from an agency POV and from a wider industry standpoint, have changed massively. When influencer content works, it can change brand sentiment and supercharge a given PR campaign.

How the relationship between PR agencies and influencers works

In this Marketing Forum video, our founder Kate Wild, MD Georgie Upton and Brand Director of Watergate Bay, Judi Blakeburn sat down to discuss the ever-changing relationship PRs have with Influencers:

As this discussions highlights, Influencer campaigns are no longer unqualified, random stabs in the dark. They are meticulously planned out, with insight, data & learnings which underpin everything we do. Tangible KPIs and reporting demonstrate the success of each campaign, and a robust knowledge of the rules around influencer marketing ensure that campaigns are data-driven and on-track for success.

Through a number of different tools, our PR experts gauge the virality and engagement rate of chosen influencers, vetting their audiences to ensuring relevancy, and then collaborate with them to create high-quality storytelling content which will resonate with their audiences.

Interested in influencer marketing for your brand?

There’s never been a better time to undertake an Influencer campaign for your brand. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch with us today to discuss how we can work with influencers to boost your brand’s reach.

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