In the space of 3 weeks, everything has changed.

Internet usage has surged by up to 50% in Europe with people now working from home & entertaining their children 24/7. Online Grocers have seen a boom, but now have to contend with demand way outstripping supply. Technology firms are putting pedal to the metal to try and win the emerging tech race, and Home Delivery is now the norm, as we’re all stuck at home, waiting…

With all these changes, how is behaviour on social changing?


All brands are trying to seek out their new context within the COVID space. For most, this is now about supporting the consumer to make this period more bearable and sharing tips, advice and ideas to educate and entertain. Notably in the food sector, comms has changed drasticaly with ‘The Storecupboard’ being hero’d like never before. Perhaps unsurprisingly, sustainability is playing a smaller role in messaging as it takes a backseat to the more present situation.


Influencers are probably having to change their ways of working the most, without the ability to get out and about, their normal content range has shrunk, and left them with only what’s achievable to produce at home. This has suited Influencers in the Food, Exercise & Wellness spaces, as there’s more appetite for this kind of content from their now 100% captive audience. It has also led to new content themes developing within the WFH context, especially amongst parenting bloggers.


The normal user (us) is trapped in groundhog day. Whether still working or not, we are contained within what used to be our sanctuary, and having to entertain ourselves as best we can. Searches for ‘homemade recipes’ are up 150% on google, with people taking to Instagram & Twitter to shout about the new fusion food they’re making. Just search #QuarantineCuisine and you’ll find it (although, there are many other hashtags being used). Homemade Bread & Homemade Pasta were the top results as supermarkets ran out of these staples in the first week of lockdown, and people took to making them themselves.

As suggested in our companion piece in this newsletter on reinvention, the time is ripe to be sharing and creating more of the right content in line with both the current challenges and the audience wants and needs, so please do reach out if you’d like to examine or explore particular digital behaviours in relation to your brand or sector.