Our MD, Georgie Upton, and founder, Kate Wild, sat down recently with the Marketing Forum and Judi Blakeburn of Watergate Bay Hotel to talk all things PR.

One topic that stood out during the forum was the ‘power of the double page spread’ – a print format that, when executed well, brands can reap the benefits of in game-changing ways.

You can watch their full discussion on the topic below:

Why brands and PRs should embrace the double page spread

Our take

We caught up with Georgie afterwards to ask her why this format is still so important. Here’s what she had to say:

“The double page spread can be a tipping point… the sheer depth of brand messaging, the brand saliency, the wealth of content – there’s nothing else quite like it. It takes huge work, sometimes with months of back-and-forth with the journalist, but the feeling of pulling it off is unmatched in PR, both for the client and for us as an agency. The double page spread is the complete PR package… it’s the holy grail.

But it can’t just be about the brand or product, it needs to have wider context to make the journalist want to write about it. This could be something news-worthy, a cultural occasion, sales record, entrepreneurial innovation… Get the balance right between context, storytelling and brand key messages, and you’ve got the perfect double page spread.”

This conversation with the Marketing Forum and Judi Blakeburn was an engaging and educational experience. A wealth of other topics were discussed including PR’s impact in the all-agency environment.

Leverage the power of PR for your brand with Wild Card

Of course, PR is so much more than the double page spread, especially in the digital age. At Wild Card, leveraging the potential of your brand to craft stories that get people talking about your brand in the right ways is what we do.

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