We are delighted to welcome Carex, the UK’s number 1 hand sanitiser brand, to the Wild Card family.

Carex came to us at the end of May with an incredibly exciting challenge – how could they ‘own the moment’ as the UK came out of Lockdown on June 19th, creating a story that would get the brand talked about on Freedom Day, whilst reminding Brits to carry and use hand sanitiser when out and about to keep them protected?

We jumped at the challenge – but with Freedom Day a mere three weeks away, we knew we needed to act fast and smart to develop and then activate a brand campaign in that time.

To overcome time constraints, we suggested a different approach to the usual client/agency briefing process (agency gets brief, agency works on brief for two weeks, agency presents back to client and then gets feedback). Our approach firmly embedded the marketing team at Carex into the planning process – from signing off the internal creative brief through to joining us on our brainstorm sessions and helping us filter ideas ‘in real time’ to get to the right campaign. It’s not an approach employed very often but it worked brilliantly. And we will definitely do it again.

So, what was the result?

We started with an insight absolutely rooted in the core brand proposition: Touching, stroking, high-fiving, holding and shaking hands have all been sorely missed during Lockdown, but would be possible again after Freedom Day, and made safer thanks to Carex hand hygiene products.

From there, we developed the idea of celebrating Freedom Day with a giant, news-worthy ‘high five’ stunt – safely accomplished with a little help from the protective power of Carex. We sent a pair of expert sky divers off to ‘high five to freedom’ setting a brand new Guinness World Record for the most high fives on a free fall sky dive.

And did it work? 

The brief was to create a fame moment for Carex on Freedom Day and we absolutely nailed it. It was one of the top branded stories of Freedom Day, appearing in over 150 media articles across a broad spread of national and regional print and online press – including Daily MailEvening Standard and Independent.

It also perfectly complemented the broader summer-long Carex brand campaign to encourage people to #AlwaysCarryCarex when out and about, which included Outdoor, Influencers and Social Media.

By bringing client teams closer to the planning and creative process, we learnt that it is possible to arrive more quickly and efficiently at great ideas that everyone in the business has bought into.

So, if you’re interested in jumping out of plane with us (or anything else for that matter) please do get in touch.