For many brands, the next generation of audience presents a quandary… how do you reach Gen Z in a way that is relevant to them, and authentic for your brand?

Answer: It’s time to think outside the box.

Gen Z already makes up over 40% of global consumers and they use social media to inform their purchases, with TikTok and Instagram videos more likely to sway them into buying something than Print, Radio or OOH advertising, according to

From selling experiences rather than products, to showing your values in everyday comms, there are tangible ways to connect with this audience that will sway purchase decisions and help to foster long-term relationships between brand and consumer.

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How to Market Your Brand to Gen Z

Below are our 4 top tips for optimising your marketing efforts for younger audiences.

Sell experience, not products

Think in experience creation, rather than sales-driving. The digital revolution has changed consumers expectations. The younger shopper wants to be taken on a journey and shown something new and interesting before they commit to purchase. They will invest with you and your product, if they first feel engaged with your offering.

Collaborate with relevant brand partners

Partners have never been more powerful in contributing to your marketing pull. This is where working with like-minded influencers or brands can really pay dividends. Tapping into their audiences, co-creating content and fostering collaborative relationships can really turn the dial for you. This type of link-up appeals to younger shoppers and can demonstrate a more long-term business view, than short-term owned content campaigns. Collaboration with the Gen Z audience themselves is also worth exploring, to identify certain niches or proof-points that perhaps you didn’t know your product or brand had. It’s about being open and honest with them to build better long-term relationships.

Showcase your values in your content

There’s never been a more ‘aware’ generation. They’ve grown up with social media and the internet at the touch of a button and know what’s going on in the world around them. The opportunity here is for your business or brand to take a stand. To show what matters to you and to fight for it. Nothing will prick their ears better than a rallying cry, especially if it’s for something they believe in, too.

Don’t be afraid to explore new channels

Today’s channel mix gives marketers an amazing opportunity to talk to the younger generation on social media. With a plethora of different channels to choose from, the challenge is identifying which one to use! Which one feels most authentic to your channel? Which channel presents the best opportunity for the content you want to create? And which channel represents your audience in the best way?

Be sure to read our blog for help on optimising your social media content for each platform.

Bring Your Gen Z Marketing Campaigns to Life with Wild Card

So will it be TikTok or BeReal, Snapchat or Pinterest… the choice is yours!

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