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Paid and organic social media presents a huge opportunity for you to continue driving your story. If the content and context is right, you can secure and build lasting relationships with your audience. But, how can you use it to drive revenue?

Create deeper connections using social media

Social media is forever expanding, with new platforms appearing and increasing in popularity every day. Although social media lacks a tangible element, it connects you with your spectators. Focusing on good community management strengthens the connection between you and those who are already listening.

However, you can accelerate and deepen these connections whilst also reaching new audiences. Paid social media allows you to directly target those who are most likely to listen to your message. Optimising and adjusting, you can create a campaign that resonates and attracts. 

Curate your paid social media strategy

Strategising and developing is an inherent part of your social media. The core of your idea should run throughout your campaign, with the purpose carefully curated. You must be empathetic with your approach to understanding your audience and their needs. A fully developed social media campaign should intrinsically mimic all aspects of your business, and feel organic throughout its duration. 

Accelerate your reach with emotive social media content

Lockdown saw a surge in the impact of social media. However, as life opens up, users are more likely to be passive in their scrolling. Social media is oversaturated with brands clambering for attention.

Your brand needs to have an authentic message behind your content in order for it to resonate. Your authenticity is the driving factor behind what you create. It’s what will make those who view it want to connect with you. 

Being truly authentic can be a terrifying prospect. Tailoring what you do towards current trends can seem like a sure-fire way to gain those all-important conversions. But doing so doesn’t allow you to make an impact, and that’s what will drive revenue.

Your paid social media should feel organic in its placement. The viewer should feel the essence of your brand regardless of whether they already have brand awareness. Be true to your message and convincing with your story.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a social marketing agency

Perhaps you are too close to your business to accurately pinpoint your most successful message. Perhaps you lack understanding of how you can profitably create campaigns that feel genuine. Regardless of why you may feel lost or unable to utilise paid social media, the Wild Card team can help.

Our team of revolutionaries know how to think differently. Combined with experience and empathy, they break the barriers of what your business can achieve. From organic and paid social media to stakeholder engagement and digital PR, ​​our expertise spans the complete communications spectrum.

We’ve worked with a range of clients that trust us to get the job done with excitement and flair. If you’re looking for ambition, flourish and purpose with your campaigns, get in touch with us today to share your message with those who want to hear it.