Merely a few weeks in and Twitter is not the place it used to be. Since the Elon Musk takeover, we have seen a huge amount of internal layoffs and some of the big brand advertisers move away from the platform, so at this stage, it is hard to see any future for the social media channel.

And let’s face it, the channel was struggling even before this upheaval. The constant challenges to modernise content to stay ahead of the game with how consumers share / consume social, to issues with moderation, coupled with  keeping a steady revenue. However, brands were able to gain value from the channel – being in-the-moment with comments, reacting to the world around them, getting involved in some brand-ter (hello Weetabix and Heinz). But what is to come of the channel?

It is a real (and valid) concern that your content (either paid or organic) may run alongside some of the very toxic and hateful commentary, so if you want to talk to us about the best way to approach Twitter for your brand, get in touch today.