As a brand, knowing how to understand your target audience is crucial for brand success. But understanding your target is only possible when you have learned how to identify a target audience for your product or service.

Getting to know your clients is at the top of a PR Agency’s to-do list as it allows the agency to ensure that the right information is reaching the right people to help your brand to grow.

How to Identify your Target Audience

Discovering your target audience should be something that is discussed in the beginning stages of creating your brand, product or service. 

When you’re looking into your target audience you should be getting to know your audience as best you can. This information could be gathered through the use of surveys, analytics, or simply by checking the engagement on your social media posts

Getting to know your audience is at the top of our to-do list when we begin working with any business, as it allows us to ensure that the right information is reaching the right people to help your brand to grow.

An example of identifying your key demographics is the work Wild Card provided for Tresco Island in the Scilly Isles. We worked with the team over at Tresco to help rectify their summer staffing shortage, using PR to target those looking for a summer job away from the hustle and bustle, and individuals who were looking for a way to spend their summer on an island paradise off of the coast of Cornwall. By using targeted PR we were able to increase job applications by 29%.

How to Understand your Target Audience

To start understanding your target audience you should start gathering information that gives you an insight into your audience, who they are and what they do.

Creating Audience Personas for your Brand

Talk to your team, look into any insights and research you have done towards your brand, and use these to create some audience personas that reflect who your perfect customer is. 

You can create these personas using a wealth of information from your sales team, or you can start by drawing up the ideal audience persona that you hope to find in your target audience, either today or in the future.

Surveys for Understanding your Audience

A popular method for learning about and understanding your audience is using customer surveys or questionnaires.

Surveys allow your current audience to give you feedback on both your brand and your product or service, and can also provide you with demographic information including the age range and gender of the person filling out the survey. This information is ideal for creating a streamlined service that reaches your desired audience effectively.

How Analytics can help to identify your Target Audience

Identifying your current audience, and the key demographics of that audience, is easier when using analytics.

This information can be gathered in multiple different ways, and PR Agencies like us at Wild Card will know the best way to gather analytics for your business. They can uncover the age, gender and location of your audience, as well as uncovering the audience bounce rate of your website and user growth.

Discover Wild Card PR for help Identifying your Target Audience

When looking into your target audience, using a PR Agency like us can be a strength. 

At Wild Card we have worked across a range of FMCG and Leisure and Lifestyle businesses to help create impactful and successful PR campaigns that capture audience attention.

Are you interested in using Wild Card to understand your audience better? Get in touch with our friendly team for more information about how we can help to grow your brand and business.