When it comes to driving ROI for your brand, a strategy-led, integrated digital marketing approach is key. 

We’ve already looked at the what, the why and the how of digital strategies . Now, we’ll explore how you can go about creating your own strategy to drive audience engagement – and get your brand heard.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

First things first – let’s recap.

A digital marketing strategy is a cross-channel blueprint for your business’ planned digital activity, with the goal being to engage with your customers at multiple touchpoints. It lays out your objectives over a set time, including areas of focus, and when to complete certain tasks.

While flexibility is important in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape – especially with the constant change in digital trends – a strategy is vital for understanding your current state of play and how to carry your brand forward in a sustainable way. 

Why a digital strategy is vital for PR

From crisis comms to reactive pitching, PR, by nature, is a flexible and adaptable marketing practice. The world is becoming increasingly digital, so considering how your brand’s approach to PR can work with digital platforms will futureproof your brand and ensure you reach the right audiences on the platforms that matter.

Adopt an omnichannel approach

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of areas; from email to paid and organic social media , SEO to PPC, and UX to Digital PR.

So, an omnichannel marketing approach – where online and offline strategies marry up – is increasingly successful amongst modern brands, and should be considered when developing a strategy.

From the get-go, make sure to define your business’ goals across each of your key online and offline channels. Identify areas of focus and define how you’re going to optimize your activities to reach your objectives.  

Also consider how each channel might feed into one other; for example, taking social media into account at each stage of your planned PR activity by investing in influencers. 

See some examples of where influencer partnerships can work well on our blog.

Think about social media at every step

2022 is set to be a year in which social media rises even further in prominence. Increasingly, consumers are looking to social channels to find the most vital information around brands they’re interested in – so always keep in mind how you can leverage social media for your business.

Can your brand benefit from influencer marketing?

More and more, brands are relying on influencers to advocate, promote or “sell” their products to their target audiences.

Influencer marketing can be hugely effective with the right partnerships, and it’s a great way to bring the two worlds of social media and PR together. 

Spend some time brainstorming how you might partner with social media influencers to shout about your brand’s message as part of your digital strategy.

Formatting your strategy

When it comes to drafting up your digital marketing strategy, start broad and prioritise the most important tasks for your business. To maintain a degree of flexibility, format each strategy in 3-month blocks. This way, you’ll have a robust plan of action but maintain flexibility should more pressing tasks arise.

Finally, use the data! Conduct market research around every channel and familiarise yourself with your business’ strongest and weakest performing metrics to work out both your strengths and areas for improvement. 

Do this, and you’ll be well on your way to establishing an effective digital marketing strategy that drives results.

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