We have bolstered our Allied Bakeries portfolio with the addition of Allinson’s, which joins Kingsmill in our FMCG brand division.

Our partnership with Allinson’s – one of the UK’s best known bread brands – kick starts this summer. We are joining forces to drive brand awareness and re-appraisal by positioning Allinson’s as a premium, aspirational bread brand, driving associations with the target audience by being seen in the right places.

We’re implementing a jam-packed trade and consumer outreach programme that covers content creation – from recipes, interviews, video, news generation and more!

Allinson’s creates mouth-watering wholemeal loaves with a delicious taste, aroma and soft texture.  The wholemeal and seeded wholemeal bread is made using the finest wholemeal wheat flour, and is batch-baked to perfection by dedicated bakers.  We also have an incredible story to share about founder Thomas Allinson, who pushed the boundaries of what great bread should be.  His passion for wholemeal is still core to the brand today.

The addition of Allinson’s builds on our previous campaign successes and expertise in working with bakery brands at Wild Card.  Last year, we started a blossoming relationship with leading bakery brand and family favourite, Kingsmill – also part of Allied Bakeries.

At Wild Card, food and drink is our absolute passion – we live and breathe it as a team – so, we cannot wait to shout about one of the UK’s favourite bread brands and get the nation to think about this food staple differently.

Look out for updates on our work with Allinson’s on our Instagram page… we promise you’ll never see lunch times in the same way again.