Finding authentic influencers who can truly shift the dial for your brand is a constant challenge.

Shifting the brand dial

From micro-influencers through to household names, there are social content creators with a voice waiting to talk about your brand. We have the skills to find them and help make influencer marketing deliver for you. We can align your brand with influencers that talk directly to your consumer, ensuring they positively impact the conversation online. The art of this lies in the relationship with influencers, which is why we apply our years of experience in relationship building with the press to how we work with influencers.

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Influencing for your brand

Your brand deserves to be spoken about. But it needs to come from a trusted, authentic source that has the power to change opinions. We apply an insight-led approach to defining influence. Most agencies will just look at total followers, but at Wild Card we ensure that potential advocates truly resonate with your end consumer. We also measure influencer relevance relating to your brand values. It’s also about the numbers and the science, and we have the tools in-house to ensure that you connect with influencers who truly do influence. 

The full influencer spectrum

  • end-to-end influencer management
  • influencer sourcing and recruitment
  • influencer and agent negotiation
  • creative briefing
  • approval process
  • influencer impact reporting and evaluation
  • influencer events
  • influencer brand partnerships
  • influencers within the wider marketing mix and influencer gifting
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