Job to be done

Launch Tilda’s NEW Golden Vegetable RTH Rice Pouch and demonstrate the difference that Tilda Rice can make in elevating your plate. 

Strategic approach

Add value and lend a hand to the nation’s storecupboards during a cost-of-living crisis when purse strings are tight and shopping baskets need to go further than ever.

Creative Campaign

Tilda’s Golden Storecupboard: an online, fully interactive Recipe Generator to allow consumers to input their storecupboard items and receive a recommended recipe in return. This asset was paired with research-based news gen into the nation’s storecupboard essentials – and how many are going to waste – creating the why behind the tool and plugging the product launch as a surefire storecupboard essential for years to come.


30 targeted media insertions, with a focus on national news print and online, creating 132M opportunities to see. 100% of coverage referred to Tilda’s Golden Storecupboard and influencers generated a further 100k reach plugging the product and tool.