Job to be done

Drive online conversation and product awareness around Starbuck’s NEW Ready-to-Drink (RTD) launch – a large multi-serve fridge format.

Strategic approach

Lead with the usage occasion in a real life setting by driving influencer advocacy for the new product launch on TikTok. 

Creative Campaign

We partnered with a variety of TikTok creators to create branded content around three enjoyment occasions; Go Big on Good Mornings, Breakaway from The Day and Ease into Chilled evenings. To counteract TikTok’s aversion to ad content, we recommended a ‘Spark Ad’ boosting strategy to ensure the content was seen far and wide.


Over 4.2M views, 48K engagements and 500k reach. The NPD product has proven so popular that 50% of total sales year to date is due to the NPD alone.

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