Job to be done

Get young professionals based in London to be queuing out the door at lunchtime

Strategic approach

Leverage the ‘burger’ as a key driver for the younger audience – and give it a unique twist to get people through the door

Creative Campaign

Introducing the Roast Burger working with the chef team, we created a one-of-a-kind burger that only Roast could do – a burger that in essence was a Sunday Roast in a bun – available Monday-Friday lunchtime as an exclusive option


Landed editorial reviews including BBC Breakfast, Evening Standard, Metro, Timeout, GQ and Cosmopolitan. Ultimately, this campaign drove talkabilty, and increased footfall in daytime bookings. People had seen the story and wanted to be part of the action.

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yorkshire pudding on top of a roast dinner burger
roast appearing in multiple news stories