Job to be done

Develop a platform to communicate what Kingsmill stands for: kindness.

Strategic approach

Focus on the tangible impact and positive difference that kindness can have.

Creative Campaign

‘Slice of Kindness:’ one overarching narrative showing how every kind act can make a big difference to you, your community and the planet.


Multi-channel campaign, with 6 staggered bursts over the year.  Over x50 quality editorial insertions with 100% key message inclusion, from announcing new packaging featuring recycled content to revealing Save The Children as the brand’s on-pack partner.

Kingsmill Logo
Animated slice of toast to look like a superhero
photo showing kingsmill coverage across different news sources

Content Snapshot: Slice of Kindness launch

Total reach of 203.7k, and an average engagement rate of 10.4%

Anything greater than 7% is considered a very high engagement rate

photo showing kingsmill ad posts on instagram